Better Health Maintenance of the Children

Better Health Maintenance of the Children

A sick child at home is never fun. Your son or daughter feels bad and your rhythm is also disrupted by it. In the cold winter months, viruses have more freedom to spread baby journey review. Houses and buildings are aired less often, which makes it easy for bacteria to settle. A child can get flu or a cold at school, while playing or at the sports club. To prevent this and ensure that your children stay healthy during the winter, we give three practical tips in this article.

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You naturally have the urge to take care of your child. Unfortunately, it is not self-evident that your son or daughter is healthy at all times A cold, for example, is easily caught. Fortunately, as a parent, you can help maintain the resistance of your children with the help of the following tips:

Vitamin-rich and varied food

Well begun is half the battle. If you bring your child into contact with many different foods at a young age, you reduce the chance that he or she does not like something and thus misses vitamins. By varying in the winter and making plenty of vitamin-rich dishes, you can lower the chances of your child getting sick during the period when viruses spread quickly.

Learning about hygiene

It is good to teach your children a lot about hygiene as early as possible. Raise your brood so that hand washing after urination becomes normal and they stop eating food that has been lying on the floor. It is also good to teach your children about a cold about how the virus can easily spread if you do not handle hygiene properly. That way you prevent self-contamination and a sick brother, sister or classmate.

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Sports and exercise

may sound cliché, but that doesn’t make it any less true: sports and exercise are essential. Children play outside less often in winter than in summer months such as July and August. That could mean they move less. Indoor play is always good, but tries to encourage your child to exercise. The energy generated in this process will benefit health.

A disease-free winter for your children

These tips will help you maintain your children’s resistance and get through the winter disease-free. The points above are easy to include in the education. Think of the vitamins, learn about hygiene and make sure your child gets enough exercise and sports. The perfect ingredients for a healthy and disease-free winter!

Taking the child’s feelings seriously does not mean accepting every behavior of the child – for example, when the kindergarten child reacts jealously to the little sibling.

Everyone has their own feelings.

Remain authentic and show your own feelings in a way that is appropriate to the age and level of development of the child.

3 Signs That Give Away A Spoiled Child

When we speak of spoiled child, we also refer to spoiled or spoiled child, since we can understand everything as synonyms. A spoiled child will remain in the center of his world without caring about anything other than himself. Although it is true that a baby needs infinite pampering and love, once it begins to grow and passes the first years of life, excesses can make it a spoiled child.

But we are not referring to the excess of love, far from it … If not to the excess of permissiveness, the excess of material things and above all, the lack of time. Although it is not easy to educate children, it is even more difficult to be critical of ourselves in order to know which path we should take. Next from the Infant Stage we are going to explain some signs that reveal that your child is spoiled, so you can find a solution as soon as possible.

He has tantrums often

A spoiled child will have tantrums often, both in public and at home. The tantrums will be the result of not having often received a ‘no’ for an answer, of having had everything just ‘for not hearing him cry’. Then, the child learns that the more tantrums he has, the more he can get what he wants. But the worst thing is not this, the worst thing is that as he grows older he will continue to have tantrums, even if he is 15 years old. We can assure you that 15-year-old tantrums are much less pleasant than when they are 4 or 5.

You are never satisfied

You are never satisfied because you have not learned to be grateful for what you have. Spoiled children often cannot express satisfaction with what they have. If they see something, they will want it … whatever it is. You will want everything you see because you will have become used to having things to calm yourself down, but by not having control over your own emotions and by not regulating or channeling your negative emotions, then you will not learn to feel satisfied. This will cause you anxiety, stress, and a lot of personal insecurity.

You won’t want to help out with housework.

You won’t even want to help pick up your toys. No child likes to clean, but once the first years of life have passed, children should be willing to help with the smallest tasks -that are according to their age and evolutionary development-, such as picking up the toys and put their clothes and shoes in their place. A child who has become accustomed to having it all done won’t see the need to do anything on his own. This is why it is so important that children are assigned small tasks even when they are young… Parents should teach them to do them and then, little by little, they do them themselves.